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Welcome to the website of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Colorado Freemasonry in Colorado.


The Future of our institution depends on those who follow us. If we want them to be leaders and successful, we must educate them.


The Mason who goes to Lodge and reads, no matter how little, and even if it is only the pages of the monthly magazine he subscribes too, will always maintain higher views of our institution. He will also enjoy new delights in having these views. The Masons who do not read will not know of the interior beauties of Speculative Masonry, but will be content to suppose it to be similar to Odd Fellow or Elks Lodge. Only maybe a little older. Such a Mason would surely be an indifferent individual, for he hasn't lad any foundation for Zeal.


It this indifference is not checked and becomes more widely spread, the result is all too apparent. Freemasonry would have to step down from the elevated position it has and has been struggling to attain. The efforts of Masonic Scholars to maintain our lodges would be diminished. Instead of becoming resorts for speculative and philosophical thought, Masonry would deteriorate into social Clubs or mere benefit societies. With so many rivals in that field, our struggle for a prosperous life would be a hard one.


The ultimate success of Masonry depends on the intelligence and knowledge of its members.


If navigating our website raises any questions or sparks an interest, feel free to reach out to the Grand Lodge Colorado or one of the many local Lodges that are more than likely in your area.



David L. Reynolds

2024 Grand Master

Grand Lodge A.F.&.A.M. of Colorado

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