Most Worshipful Brother Phillip E. Moss

2018 Grand Master of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Colorado

What is Freemasonry?


We, as Freemasons, don’t always do such a good job of defining just what we are or what we do, but that’s often because the answers non-Masons are looking for are too complicated. Basically, Freemasonry is a society of men concerned with moral and spiritual values and is the world’s oldest fraternal organization.


Freemasonry is perhaps the most misunderstood, yet popular, “secret society” the world has ever known and at the same time the most visible. Every State in the US and almost every country in the world has a Grand Lodge of Freemasons, and each of those has its own Web site. We wear rings, jackets, and hats emblazoned with the square and compass on them. Our cars often have Masonic license plates and bumper stickers identifying ourselves as Freemasons. Masonic buildings are clearly marked, and their addresses and phone numbers are in the Yellow Pages. Some Grand Lodges have even started advertising on billboards. If the Freemasons are a secret, they need a refresher course on camouflage. Almost immediately after forming the first Grand Lodge in England in 1717, books trumpeting the secrets of the lodge began to arrive on shelves.


Masonry does have ceremonies it wants to keep private, just as corporations have information they want to keep private. No simple, one-line definition satisfactorily describes Freemasonry. It can be said that it is a philosophy and a system of morality and ethics. Freemasonry teaches lessons of social and moral virtues based on symbolism of the tools and language of the ancient building trade, using the building of a structure as a symbol for the building of character in men. Freemasonry is not a religion, and it has no religious dogma that it forces its members to accept. Masons must simply believe in the existence of a Supreme Being, whatever they conceive that deity to be. Their personal beliefs are just that: personal.


Phillip E. Moss

2018 Grand Master

Grand Lodge A.F.&.A.M. of Colorado

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