Save Our Society Pin

It is profound honor to be serving the Freemasons of Colorado, and representing this jurisdiction this Masonic year. It is humbling and an awesome responsibility not taken lightly.

I want to thank MWPGM Dexter D. Koons for a great year, and the opportunity allowing me to roll out this year's themed SOS "Save Our Society" program at each of our two Annual Grand Lodge Communications during his term. It really helped us hit the ground running with our message, which is all of us taking a reaffirmation in honoring our several obligations everyday.

The Border of this year's Grand Lodge pin is emblematic of the border of our beautiful state of Colorado; one border, one jurisdiction, one Grand Master serving all Masons in Colorado. The rope within the border is emblematic of the cable tow, to remind us to always keep our passions within due bounds. The Ship is a two funneled steamship similar to hospital ships used in WW-I, in the days of Morse Code. Thus the "SOS" code on the left side of the pin, representing a call to all of us to Save Our Society, being examples of good conduct, morals and values for the world we live in, using the lessons we are taught as Freemasons. The "SS Freemason" belongs to the world, and reminds us to act and ever walk as upright men and Masons where we travel in the world for others to see there is a better way to live.

The SOS Pledge card reminds us that Freemasonry being the oldest and largest fraternity in the world, has the answer to a more civilized and well mannered society, pledging us to honor our obligations and to live our lives as an example to others. The SOS Affirmation itemizes those obligations which we took in our Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason degrees, reminding us of our belief in God and that we all will be judged on the day we drop the working tools of life. Both should be taken with an exemplary kneeing at the Alter, with his hands on the Holy Bible Square and Compasses, with all those remaining in "V" formation, right hand (the sign of fidelity) on the shoulder of the man in front, left hand over the heart. Afterward, the card must be signed, dated, and always carried as a constant reminder of our own obligations to keep, and used as a tool to remind others when they don't.

Bob Elsloo, GM

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