Most Frequently Used Forms

Officer's Handbook (Red Book)

Uniform Floor Work

[19] Petition for Degrees

[19w] Background Waiver

[48] Petition for Dual Membership

[54] Petition for Plural Membership

Benevolent Fund Application

[71] Perpetual Fund Membership Application

[71A] Increase to Perpetual or Memorial

Monthly Report

Purchase Order

[68] Visitor Register

[69] Member Register

Lodges to Lodges

[02] Request Recommendation New Lodge

[03] Certificate of Recommendation New Lodge

[15] Waiver of Jurisdiction, E.A. or F.C.

[31] Masonic Historical Record

[51] Notice of Election to Dual Membership

[61] Request for Degrees by Courtesy

[62] Notice of Conferral of Degrees by Request

Members to Lodges

[13] Return of Service of Summons

[19] Petition for Degrees

[20] Report, Committee of Investigation

[21] Petition Membership with Demit

[22] Petition Membership with Certificate of Good Standing

[23] Report, Committee of Investigation, Affiliation

[26] Petition Affiliation, E.A. or F.C.

[27] Report, Committee of Investigation, E.A. or F.C.

[48] Petition for Dual Membership

[52] Application for Reinstatement

[53] Report, Committee of Investigation Reinstatement

[54] Petition for Plural Memebership

Lodges to Members

[11] Notice, Special Matter to be Acted Upon

[12] Summons to Attend Lodge

[14] Demit

[17] Certificate of Good Standing

[18] Notice to Show Cause

[24] Notice, Election Conditional Membership

[25] Failure to Complete Election to Membership

[28] Notice of Investigation of Objection

[50] Certificate for Dual Membership

Lodges to Grand Lodge

[01] Petition for Dispensation New Lodge

[04] Petition for Charter

[51] Notice of Election to Dual Membership

[58] Application for 50 Year Medal

[59] Report of Award of 50 Year Medal

[60] Proposed Amendment to Bylaws

[64] Proposed Change to Colorado Masonic Ritual

Monthly Report

Purchase Order

Grand Lodge to Lodges

[30] Request for Information

[31] Masonic Historical Record

Grand Lodge to Members

[05] Certificate, Member of Extinct Lodge

[06] Certificate, E.A. or F.C. of Extinct Lodge

Combined Book of Forms

Book of Forms