“Grand Lodge Masonic canopies are available for use by constituent lodges and concordant and appendant and concordant bodies. They provide visibility of our Masonic family of organizations and present a point of contact for information and welcome. Their use at local fairs and festivals and unit events has proven to be a valuable supplement to our traditional methods of having people support our purposes. To get one for your use, contact the canopy custodian or Worshipful Master of the Lodge closest to you (listed below), or the Chair of the Masonic Awareness and Membership Development Committee. Submission of a canopy request form helps everybody.


Chairman, Public Awareness Committee: Byron G. Walker,


Lodge Location Contact Person Contact Phone Contact Email
Grand Lodge Colorado Springs Scot Autry 719-623-5342
Durango/San Juan Lodge No. 46 Durango Jeffery Reynolds 970-946-3945
Fort Collins Lodge No. 119 Fort Collins Carl Hartman 303-408-7800
Lupton Lodge No. 119 Fort Lupton Kevin Townley 729-988-7929
Glenwood Lodge No. 65 Glenwood Springs Charles Mills 970-878-3565
Golden City Lodge No. 1 Golden Byron Walker 303-278-7362
Grand Junction Lodge No. 173 Grand Junction Ronald Huddleson ronjh98@gmailcom
Lamar Lodge No. 90 Lamar Kevin Sharr 719-688-9041
Corinthian Lodge No. 35 Leadville James Evans 210-240-5631
Rio Blanco Lodge No. 80 Meeker John Scott 970-329-1775
Silver Cliff Lodge No. 38 Westcliffe Glenn Dotter 719-942-4820
Trinidad Lodge No. 28 Trinidad Larry Childs 719-859-3069


GL Canopy Request Form

Canopy Setup