To join the Fraternaty, you must be a man, of legal age, and well recommended by a friend or another brother of the lodge. You have started your search here on the website, now come and visit us in our Temple. We have an open house most Tuesday and Friday evenings where we all can meet.

There is a series of steps you must complete:

If you know a Brother, ask him to recommend you to get started.

If you don't know a Brother, start by downloading this application. Then mail it to the Lodge along with your application fee:

El Paso Lodge No. 13
1150 Panorama Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Once your petition has been received, several brothers will come to visit you to introduce you to each other.

Your petition will be voted on then, if accepted, you will be invited to receive the degrees of Masonry.

Good luck!!

Much more information is available at the Colorado Grand Lodge site along with answers to many common questions.