Ute Pass Lodge 188

About Ute Pass Lodge 188

Phone: 719-687-2732

E-mail: utepass188@yahoo.com

Ute Pass Lodge 188 is a Masonic Blue Lodge. We are a Fraternity of men with common ideas, helping good men become better men. Freemasonry is an organization who teaches men by use of symbols and allegory lessons about brotherly love, relief, and truth, to live by principles and virtues whose basis can be found in the Holy Scriptures.

Masonry is the world’s oldest fraternity for men. Although the exact origin is uncertain, it is certain that in recorded history the first Grand Lodge was formed in 1717. Masonry entered the United States early in our history with great men such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin being active Masons. The Colorado Grand Lodge was formed in 1861. 

Ute Pass Lodge 188 received our charter in 1961.

Our current membership is approaching 50 men.


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