• More than 14,000 Colorado children are abducted each year, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.


• If something happens, such as abduction, the faster you can provide accurate and complete information to the authorities, the better the chances are of a happy ending.

• Local Masonic lodges are helping families prepare child "ID" information in case the worst happens to them.


• Parents bring their children to local events, where a computer software program captures digital fingerprints, and photographs of their children. A paper copy is printed for the parents for them to record vital information on their Child. A plastic bag is also included for the child's DNA sample.


• The parents leave with three documents; Personal Safety information page, ID Cards and the Main ID page.


• These printouts can supply the police with the information they need in the case of abduction.


• The software is designed not to keep any digital trace of the captured information in the system. It supplies a hard copy only.


• The process is meant to be completely confidential!


• The parents and children go through the whole process together, showing the kids that there is nothing to worry about and this is being done to help keep them safe.


• You should update your child's "ID" information, including a photograph, every six months. Children's appearances change that quickly. That's why programs like this are so helpful.

• The Colorado Masonic Grand Lodge, in cooperation of the more than 132 local Lodges throughout the state and the Masonic Family of Colorado, is proud too offer this important resource to our communities.


• By offering a Child "ID" Program, to the parents of Colorado Children, we are providing a valuable tool to help parents keep current information on their children so they have it readily available in case the worst happens.

"Since our children are our future, it is our responsibility to provide them with an environment in which they can enjoy their childhood yet are equipped with the knowledge of what to do or where to turn if a dangerous situation occurs"

Colorado Bureau of Investigation Director, Robert C. Cantwell.

For more information contact your local Masonic Lodge.


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