Standing Committees



Masonic Education


Charters and Dispensations

Appeals and Grievances

Fraternal Relations

Memorial (Necrology)

Armed Forces Welfare - Masonic Service Association - Hospital Visitation Program

Custodians of the Work

Grand Lodge Scholarship Committee

Grand Lodge Vocational Grant Committee


Colorado Masonic Non-Profit Corporations


Board of Trustees of the Colorado Masons' Benevolent Funds Association

Masonic Representatives of the board of trustees of the Robert Russell Eastern Star Masonic Center of Colorado, Inc.

Trustees of the Colorado Masonic Library and Museum Association

Trustees of the Colorado Masons' Preservation and Assistance Fund, Inc.

Trustees of the Colorado Masons' Voluntary Perpetual Membership Fund

Board of Directors of the Colorado Masonic Properties, Inc.

Board of Directors of the Colorado Masonic High School Band Camp


Special Committees


History and Recognition

To gather and keep in the Grand Lodge office records of significant events (past and present) for incorporation into a running history of the Grand Lodge of Colorado.


Lodge and Temple Association Ownership and Operations

To gather a listing of the name and status of the several Temple Associations within the Grand Lodge of Colorado and maintain that listing. To offer assistance as required by section 75(a) of the Book of Constitutions and recommend changes as appropriate.


Gifts - Legacies - Trusts

To advertise to the Craft the benefits of Gifts, Legacy and Trust donations to the Grand Lodge and to facilitate donations form those interested. To report annually to the Grand Lodge on the results of this program.



To provide general support to our youth organizations and foster corporation between youth groups and the Blue Lodges. To recommend programs that foster growth and strength in these groups and recommend these programs to the Grand Master.


Masonic Awareness

Tp propose and fund activities and requests from the membership that promote Public Awareness of the Grand Lodge and of Freemasonry in general within the State of Colorado. Recommend programs to the Grand Master for his approval and to report annually to the Grand Lodge.


George Washington National Memorial Association

To provide information to our constituent Lodge on the George Washington National Masonic Memorial and our first President.


Public Schools

To develop and recommend to the Grand Master programs that foster and strengthen the relationship between the Grand Lodge and our Public Schools.


Masonic New Member Development

To develop ideas and methods to increase the number of Masons that our Lodges make and finding ways to promote Masonry in our communities. These ideas should then be presented to the Grand Master and the Grand Lodge Officers for approval prior to implementation. This committee will develop materials and tools to be used by constituent Lodges in attracting suitable candidates to be made Masons.


Memorials, Markers and Monuments

To keep a list of all the Masonic Markers, Monuments and Memorials within the Sate of Colorado. To keep a record of their condition and perform necessary maintenance to keep the in a state of good repair and to publish this list to the Grand Lodge annually.